Why large factory buildings are more suitable for installing large industrial fans


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Many people are not very clear. I will explain to you some problems existing in large-scale factories

1. There are many employees in large-scale factories, and the density of personnel is large, so the demand for air oxygen is large;

2. During the production process, there will be peculiar smell, so ventilation and convection must be carried out to ensure sufficient ventilation times;

3. There are many equipments in the large-scale workshop, so the calorific value is large, and the air in the workshop is sultry;

4. The large workshop area is large, the effect of installing horn fan is not good, and the investment and operation cost of installing central air conditioning is too high.

It is very troublesome to solve these problems one by one, and different products must be used to solve the corresponding problems, which will increase a lot of costs. Using large industrial fans can solve all problems one to many. The benefits of large industrial fans are as follows:

healthy. Because of the large area of the large factory, the installation of air conditioning seems to be a feasible scheme. In fact, the installation of air conditioning has great health risks for employees. The installation of air conditioning needs a closed space, which will lead to air circulation, long-term blowing air conditioning will get "air conditioning disease", causing a burden on the health of employees.

The wind from the industrial fan is similar to the natural wind. There is no need to worry about the health of the employees. Only when the employees have a healthy body can they better realize the production operation.

Energy saving. As we all know, air conditioning consumes a lot of power, and industrial fans only consume 1.5 kwh per hour.

Low cost. The investment cost is far lower than that of other ventilation and cooling equipment, and the three-year free warranty of the whole line products.

Super large coverage area. Large places have a large area. Each large industrial fan covers an area of about 1600m2. Only dozens of small fans can reach such a large area.

The ventilation effect is good. The installation of air conditioning needs a closed space. It is easy to make the air turbid if the air conditioning is turned on for a long time. The industrial fan has no restrictions on the factory building, and the switch is free.

Facts speak louder than words. Once we put our products from Jiaxing Daohe and other manufacturers in one workshop, the comparative advantage is self-evident. There is no reference.