The difference between large industrial fan and negative pressure fan lies in these aspects


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1、 Difference between industrial fan and negative pressure fan

1. Different installation

(1) Installation of industrial fan. Industrial fans are generally installed on the plant and workshop, so that the scope of work is relatively wide, so that a large part of the area can be cool.

(2) Installation of negative pressure fan. The negative pressure fan is generally installed outside the window of the workshop, and installed at the lower air outlet, which is convenient for the outside air extraction.

2. Different principles

(1) Industrial fan principle. The cooling principle of industrial large fan is that the air flow is driven from the top to the bottom to the ground, and then flows in the horizontal direction to the ground. When the horizontal air flow of the side block or adjacent fan is encountered, it can push up to the roof, which can realize effective overall ventilation and effective cooling of personnel in the large space. The space with low environmental requirements and unsealed space can also be effectively cooled.

(2) Working principle of negative pressure fan. When the fan is powered on, it can quickly reach a large amount of air extraction. It can make the indoor environment rapidly and outdoor produce an air pressure difference, forming a strong negative pressure, forcing the indoor dirty and hot air to discharge rapidly in accordance with the flow direction we set, and the indoor air pressure will drop.

3. Different effects

(1) Industrial fan effect. In terms of personnel cooling. The natural breeze generated by large energy-saving fans blows on the human body, which promotes the evaporation of sweat to take away heat, and makes the body cool and brings the cooling feeling. Generally, this cooling feeling can reach 5-8 ℃. In terms of natural ventilation, industrial fans can accelerate the air flow in the room to achieve the effect of natural ventilation; in the aspect of dehumidification and moisture removal, the dehumidification effect of industrial fans is direct and effective, which promotes the air mixing in the whole space.

(2) Negative pressure fan effect. The temperature of the place where ventilation is needed is higher than that of the outdoor due to the sunlight irradiating the buildings, machinery and equipment, human body and other heat sources. Negative pressure air function will quickly exhaust the indoor hot air, so that the room temperature and the outside temperature are equal, not as the workshop temperature rise. Negative pressure fan only has the function of ventilation and cooling, and has no refrigeration function. It is the human feeling to be cool.

Industrial air conditioner

4. Different places of use

(1) Industrial fan use place. Large public buildings such as shopping malls, gymnasiums, stations, airports, etc. promote air circulation, disperse peculiar smell, create comfortable shopping and viewing environment and increase sales. And the mobile fan in industrial fan can be used in a relatively open place, and it is also convenient to use.

(2) Negative pressure fan use place. For example, clothing factory, electronic factory, entertainment place, pig breeding plant, garden flowers and other closed places need to cool down and humidity.

2、 Advantages of industrial fans

1. Easy to install

For the convenience of installation, the installation of industrial large fans is relatively convenient, because it is installed indoors and relatively safe, while the installation of negative pressure fans is outside the window. If the workshop or workshop is installed on a higher floor, there are safety problems.

2. The cooling effect is obvious

As long as the industrial fan is turned on, it can cool down quickly, which makes the human body feel cool. The negative pressure fan uses the air extraction to cool the indoor temperature. Because of the different working principle, the cooling speed of the fan is not as fast as that of the industrial fan, and the degree to which it can be cooled is unknown. And the temperature that industrial fans can reach is something that people can feel right away.

3. Wide range of use places

Although both negative pressure fans and industrial fans can be used in closed places such as shopping malls, gymnasiums and production plants, different from each other, there is a mobile fan of industrial type. It is a floor mounted mobile industrial fan, which can be used in open places and has effective cooling effect. This is not achieved by negative pressure fans.

4. Wide range of functions

In some small spaces, the effect of negative pressure fan is very obvious. We can even see the steam in bathroom quickly discharged out of the house with the operation of the negative pressure fan. But in the large and wide closed space, the effect of ventilation and ventilation is not obvious. The smoke, moisture, carbon dioxide, and poor quality air with large proportion are still concentrated at the bottom of the building. The roof negative pressure fan does not work on the air in every corner at all corners, but the industrial fan can, it can play a larger role, not only can it make people and people and The temperature of the equipment is rapidly reduced, and the dust and bad air can be effectively removed, and the cleaning effect is good.