Explain in detail how to cool down the production workshop


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Does your workshop also have the following problems?

1. There are many employees in the production workshop of the factory, with high personnel density and high demand for air nutrients;

2. In the production process of the factory workshop, there is a peculiar smell, so ventilation and convection are needed, and sufficient ventilation times are needed;

3. There are too many high-temperature heat sources such as equipment displayed in the workshop, and the air in the workshop is muggy;

4. The space of the workshop is very large, the installation of central air conditioning wastes electricity, and the installation of fans has no cooling effect;

In order to solve the above problems, China International Exhibition has made a variety of cooling solutions for your factory workshop, matching cooling products with your site conditions in proportion, so as to achieve cooling effect and save equipment investment and operation cost.

Cooling equipment

According to the characteristics of the workshop, we can use the following products to cooperate with cooling:

1. Use environment-friendly air conditioning (environment-friendly air conditioning can inject fresh air into the room, at the same time, the indoor pressure will increase, and the original turbid gas will be discharged from the room, so as to achieve the purpose of cooling and ventilation);

2. Use environmental protection air conditioning with negative pressure fan (send cool outdoor air into the room through environmental protection air conditioning, and use negative pressure fan to discharge the original indoor air, so as to achieve the effect of circulation ventilation and cooling);

3. The water curtain fan integrated machine is used (the water curtain and negative pressure fan are installed on one side of the workshop after synthesis, with long air supply distance and obvious cooling effect). These cooling methods are suitable for factories with low power consumption and improved working environment.

Different factories have different requirements for ventilation times, noise requirements and investment calculation. For the needs of customers, we can provide different models and styles of cooling products and factory cooling solutions.

Customer evaluation 1: the smell in the room is not as big as that in the room, and it's much cooler;

Customer evaluation 2: We used a thermometer during the acceptance, which was 6-7 degrees lower than before, and the effect was quite obvious;

Customer evaluation 3: the air in the workshop is much better, some employees will take a rest in the workshop during the rest time;

Customer evaluation 4: compared with the central air conditioning, the cooling effect is not so obvious, but the electricity cost is reduced a lot. Sometimes when it is extremely hot, it can cooperate with the cabinet air conditioning, and the effect is OK;

Customer evaluation 5: Although the cooling effect of the workshop is not faster than that of the traditional air conditioning, the indoor temperature is moderate and can be maintained after cooling, and the basic temperature is about 28-30 ℃;