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High volume low speed industrial ceiling fan

We always focus on HVLS fan's  technology and quality, continue to manufacture varios industrial doos, logistics, loading dock leveler, HVLLS industrial ceiling fan cooling and ventilation. Our products are widely used in the fields of automotive, foods, electronics, logistics,precision, machinery,cleaning and refrigeration.

We have six types fan:                                                                    

HVLS fan advantage

Comfortable nature wind:HVLS fan brings low speed natural wind and airflow continuously, creating a comfortable and pleasant workplace for staff.

High efficiency: One unit of HVLS fan is equivalent to 30 small fans, can save more than 80% energy.

Life span:Normally for 10 years under proper operation and maintenance free.

Space saving:Hanging overhead, no need to occupy the floor area and will not affect plain working and cargo storage.

Help ventilation:Airflow continuously accelerates the liquid evaporation.

Energy-saving:Working with air conditioner together, which make air conditioner temperature setting 2-3 degree higher,It will save energy consumption.

Big industry hvls fan

HVLS fan packaging:  HVLS fan used standard export packaged.

HVLS fan delivery time: Within 7-25 days after customer pay the HVLS fan deposit. Transport way: by sea.

Everybright specialize in the Doors& Windows industry which is managed by an experienced team in production and trading.

The product's scope covers industrial lifting door, aluminum commerical door, dock equipmen, speed door, sectional garage door, handware and motors. All the products from us market by excellent quality, functional safety and a long service life.

From Europe to Asia, from America to Australia, all of products from Everybright enjoy high reputation for its quality, reasonable price and professional service.

Our service:

1. We have professional engineers with rich experience, they will check and test machine befor delivery.

2. We have the best solution for you, and we provide all the support you need to achieve optimum results, or value, or both, from whatever machine you buy.

3. We provide 36 months warranty for all machine accessories. And custom made lock leveler/ size/ color/ material.

4. We can provide free samples to all customers, and make specifical design according to customer's requirement.
5.We offer:
A: Custom size and colors are also available.
B: Custom designed and built to meet your specific needs and requirements.

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