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Air cooler Frame is the shell of air cooler, which is made of engineering plastic. The evaporative air cooler is mounted outside of the wall, which is exposed to the sun and rain for long time. Therefore, anti-UV and anti-aging material need to added to the shell of air cooler for long life span.

The investment and running cost of the evaporative air cooler is only one-tenth to one-fourth compare to the traditional air conditioning, it makes them an excellent choose, especially in hot and dry region area.

The structure of evaporative air cooler is not complicated, the main parts inclding air cooler frame, evapoative cooling, water distribution system, water pump, water tank, inlet valve, drainage valve, control system, fan motor, fan blade etc.When an air cooler start working, the water from the tank will be pumped to water distribution system, and evenly distributed on the top of cooling, then go gack to the tank.

Meanwhile, the fan draws outside air through the wet pad, making the air filter, clean, fresh and cooled, the fresh and cooled air will be continuously sent into the user space, resulting in a comfortable working environment.

Although the structure of the evaporative air cooler is simple, but the installation and operation is a little bit difficult. The air cooler should be mounted outside of the wall, send the outside fresh air into space through air duct and air supply outlets. After a right installation, the service life of each air cooler can be over 10 years, due to the frame of air cooler is exposed the sun and rain for a long time, so the quality requirments of air cooler need to be made in high-standard with Anti-UV and anti-aging, also high quality brand new engineering plastic, which lead to the high price of the air cooler. If you are looking for an air cooler cools for your building, the air cooler frame is very important, it will direct affect the service life of the air cooler.

The core parts of air cooler is a evaporative cooling pad, making air cool down by dry air through the cooling pad, water evaporation absorb heat. The wet-ball temperature is a function of the entering-air temperature and relative humidity. In the principle of heat exhcange, the surface of cooling pad is at the wet-ball temperature of the air passing through. How colse it gets to that temperature is named the saturation effectiveness of the evaporative cooling pad, which improves at lower airflow rate. Most of evaporative cooling pad have a staturation effectiveness upto 87%.

Evaporative cooling pads should be washed down every fall in winter or when do not need to use, when the scale on the pad is still soft and can be cleaned with the least damage to the pad. On the other hand, should have major maintenance in spring before using.

Since evaporative cooler pads are designed to provide wet-surface contact with all the air moving through them, they are also remarkably good air filters (hence the term air washer or scrubber). Most of evaporative cooling pads can filter out 90% of particles 10 microns (?) and larger, including most pollens and dust. However, in my personal experience, these pads also perform well as filters.

As the water in an cooling system evaporates, water (makeup water) is brought into the cooler. A float valve controls delivery. However, the minerals (salts) brought into the cooler with the makeup water don't evaporate, and therefore the water within the sump becomes brackish. Eventually the water becomes saturated with minerals and therefore the minerals precipitate out (usually at the air inlet side of the pad). During operation, most of the water evaporation and filtration occur at the air inlet side, leaving a mixture of scale and previously airborne dirt thereon surface. When a pad has failed, the inlet face is typically clogged while the downstream face can appear fresh . A trick to elongate the lifetime of rigid sheet pads is to rotate and switch the pad the wrong way up , in order that the previously downstream face becomes the upstream face.

To prevent the water from becoming saturated with minerals, a bleed-off or sump dump system should be installed.

A bleed-off system is just a tee installed within the water distribution discharge, with a hose to a close-by drain or to the bottom . Whenever the pump activates , alittle amount of the water is diverted.

A sump dump system (referred to as a blow-down in cooling system jargon) evacuates the water from the sump every six hours approximately while the cooler is working . The dumping is completed by a second pump (most commonly) or by a power-activated sump drain valve.

Sump dump systems are better than bleed-off systems because they discharge not only brackish water but also a number of the big amount of filtered dirt that collects on rock bottom of the sump. Some coolers have sloped bottoms in order that minerals and dirt will gravitate toward the sump dump.

A water treatment system may be a good idea for fiber pad coolers. Often it enables the user to stay a group of pads for 2 years. For rigid-sheet coolers, a water treatment system is important , because rigid pads cost up to $100 to exchange .

In reality, it's rare for water during a cooler to not become saturated with minerals in most desert environments. water is extremely common in areas where evaporative cooling is employed , and maintaining ideal water conditions during a cooler would consume an excessive amount of water. Bleed-off systems can use the maximum amount as 5 gallons of water per hour, but if water is especially expensive within the area, even 1 gallon of water discharge is substantially better than trapping all the minerals within the cooler.

A technique to attenuate the consequences of water waste from bleed-off and sump dump systems is to send the discarded water to a consumer of probably low-quality water. Sending this water to a garden is right , because the cooler discharges more water when the weather is hottest and therefore the watering needs of the garden are greatest. (Mineral-sensitive plants might be harmed, but I even have watered a typical kitchen garden with no trouble.) Someone should develop a system for using this water to flush toilets.

Evaporative coolers provide warmer air than traditional air conditioning and therefore must continuously deliver more air. A basic rule for air cooler selection is to use the largest cooler (within reason) that one can bear. A big-size air cooler with a big blower and a low power consumption motor will perform better than a small cooler with a high power consumption motor. (it is not the same as air conditioners, for which the most efficient unit is the smallest one.)

Evaporative air coolers are designed as per an Industry national standard CFM by the manufacturer. This CFM (cubic feet per minute airflow), which is usually a number between 3,00 and 6,0000, is approximately 50% higher than the highest air flow the cooler can actually produce with no ductwork restriction. Although the Industry Standard CFM claims much more airflow than a cooler can deliver, this approach to defining cooler sizes has been used for years by many manufacturers.

Most manufacturers also provide the actual airflow the cooler produces at air duct installed.The ideal evaporative cooler installation is to calculate the heat load room by room, then choose the right size and quantity of air cooler, and install air duct system to supply cool and fresh air into the user space.

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An air cooler frame is a component of an air cooler that holds the cooling pads in place and provides support for the fan and motor.

Air cooler frames are typically made of galvanized steel or aluminum, which are both durable and resistant to corrosion.

Yes, air cooler frames can be customized to fit specific air cooler models. RTFANS offers custom air cooler frames to meet the specific requirements of their customers.

Installing an air cooler frame typically involves attaching it to the air cooler body using screws or bolts. It is recommended to follow the manufacturer's instructions or seek professional installation services to ensure proper installation. RTFANS provides installation and support services for their air cooler frames.


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