How to maintain the quality of the products in hot environment

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  • How to maintain the quality of the products in hot environment





To choose RTFANS HVLS fans is to keep an excellent employee and maintain the products' quality.

The thermoregulatory function can be impacted by excessive humidity. High body temperatures, dilated blood vessels, a quick heartbeat, and even disorientation might result from inadequate heat dissipation. Additionally, it hastens microbial reproduction, leaving people highly vulnerable to illness.

The atmosphere starts to be conducive to bacterial growth when the humidity reaches 80%; as the humidity rises, so does the bacterial growth index. Additionally more probable are respiratory infections, allergies, asthma, and chemical sensitivities. When damp, prints, medicines, and other goods are readily warped and damaged, which impacts how they perform. Examples include documents that are damp and misshapen, etc. In industrial factories or logistics warehouses, materials or products are quickly deformed if exposed to wet weather, raising the likelihood of customer complaints. Moist air conducts electricity, which is easy to produce short electrical circuits.

RTFANS-HVLS fans greatly improve airflow, significantly reduce energy consumption, and significantly increase coverage. They also regulate air condensation on floors or metal surfaces, creating a dryer, cleaner, more comfortable, and safer working environment.