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A big ceiling fan for the factory is applicable to large workshop production workshops and large warehousing logistics centers in all walks of life.

Products Description

Ensuring suitable airflow and cooling in industrial areas is essential to maintain a safe and healthy working environment. However, tall ceilings and narrow spaces often impede air circulation, leading to stagnant air and uncomfortable conditions for workers. To address this issue, RTFANS has developed a collection of large ceiling fans for factories that employ German Nuo motor and modern aviation wing technology, providing effective airflow and cooling in large areas while ensuring safety and stability.

The RTFANS massive ceiling fan for factories caters specifically to the needs of industrial settings. The fan's body is strongly reinforced with a mortise and tenon structure, providing stability and durability. Additionally, the German Nuo motor employed in these fans provides maximum torque and consistent quality, ensuring top-quality performance even in the harshest conditions.

To enhance safety, RTFANS has incorporated its proprietary anti-fall system into the design of these fans. This feature ensures that the fan remains securely attached to the ceiling even during unexpected power interruptions or other incidents. Consequently, the use of RTFANS huge ceiling fans for factories is more stable and safer than traditional fans.

The RTFANS big ceiling fan for factories employs modern aviation wing science to provide sufficient airflow and cooling to large spaces. The fan's design combines the principles of air coolers and aviation technology to deliver a wide area of coverage. This means that the fan can move a high volume of air even at low speeds, creating a comfortable and healthy working environment for employees.

Stagnant air in industrial settings often leads to poor air quality, which can cause respiratory problems and other health issues among workers. By providing efficient air circulation, RTFANS large ceiling fans for factories help maintain good air quality and reduce health risks associated with poor ventilation. Furthermore, the fans can help prevent the accumulation of airborne contaminants such as dust, moisture, and fumes, thereby ensuring a safe working environment.

RTFANS large ceiling fans for factories are an innovative solution to the ventilation and cooling needs of industrial settings. The use of German Nuo motor, mortise and tenon structure, and anti-fall system ensures safety and stability, while modern aviation wing science enables efficient air circulation in large spaces. The combination of these features results in a comfortable and healthy working environment for employees, as well as increased productivity and reduced health risks. Therefore, RTFANS Big Ceiling Fan for Factory is a reliable and positive solution for ventilation and cooling in industrial settings.

Fan Dia.7.3m/24ft6.1m/20ft5.5m/18ft
Air Flow(m³/min)13,80012,00010,500
Application Area1,800m²1,380m²1,050m²

Product Advantages

18ft HVLS Big Industrial Ceiling Fans
  • German “Nord” Customizedcoaxialbevelreductiongears With Diameter Ofaxle 40mm 
  • German “Simrit”Double Oil Sealdesign,Durableandreliable  “Shell”
  • opclass “Omala” S4 Lubrication Oil, Zeromaintenancefor Over 20000 Hours 
  • IE3 High Efficiencymotor With Imported“SKF-VL”Bearing, Save Energyby 10-15% Than IE1motor. 
18ft HVLS Big Industrial Ceiling Fans
  • Innovativedouble Chassisdesign,Moredurableandsteady 

  • Importedaeronauticaluminumalloy (Aa7075) 

  • Forgedby 1000Tmachine With 570Mpaextension Strength 

  • T6 Heatprocessing

18ft HVLS Big Industrial Ceiling Fans
  • High Strength Aircraft Aluminum Alloy:AA6063T6511, PVFD Surface Coating. 

  • Patented Airfoil Design, And Special Reinforcing Rib Supporting System, Increase The Strength And Flexibility. 

  • Inner Equipped Steel Cable Design To Prevent Fan Blade Falling

18ft HVLS Big Industrial Ceiling Fans

Unique Cardan Joint Design, Working As A Human Beings’ Joint, This Allows The Fan To Find Its Own Vertical Position No Matter What The Slope Of The Building, And Helps To Decrease The Shocking Of Fan During Running. 

18ft HVLS Big Industrial Ceiling Fans
  •  Denmark “DANFOSS"VFD Inverter, With Stepless Speed Regulation.

  •  IP55motorprotectiongradeand NEMA1 Standardcontrolbox.

  •  "Schneider"Brandelectrical Sets, With Safetyprotection Module Inside. 

18ft HVLS Big Industrial Ceiling Fans

"Mortise And Tenon Joint Structure" Welded By Robot, Traditional Technique With Double Guarantee On Q345B High-Strength Structural Steel

18ft HVLS Big Industrial Ceiling Fans
  •  Anti-skip design, more safety and reliable. 

  • H beam, Rigid frame and Concrete installation structure are options, and customized for special building structure. 

18ft HVLS Big Industrial Ceiling Fans

6 Pcs Airfoils Are Connected Into A Whole With 6 Pcs Safety Retainer. 


  • large area coverage with minimal power use

  • In essence, Silent is more muffled than a human discussion.

  • tridimensional wind coming from every anglecompact a

  • nd stylish-looking

  • Comfortable, gentle breeze that is natural

  • No upkeep required, long lifespan


Installation Conditions



A big ceiling fan for factories is a type of industrial fan that is designed to improve air circulation and ventilation in large factory spaces.

Installing a big ceiling fan in a factory can help reduce energy costs by improving air circulation and ventilation, and can also improve employee comfort and productivity by reducing humidity and stagnant air.

Big ceiling fans are generally more efficient than smaller fans because they can move more air at lower speeds. As a result, they can provide effective cooling and ventilation in larger spaces with fewer fans.

The size of the big ceiling fan you need depends on the size of your factory and the specific airflow requirements. Generally, larger fans are more effective at circulating air in larger spaces, but it's best to consult with a professional to determine the optimal fan size for your needs.

Yes, big ceiling fans can be used in conjunction with HVAC systems to improve their effectiveness. By improving air circulation, big ceiling fans can help distribute conditioned air more evenly throughout a space, reducing hot and cold spots.

No, big ceiling fans are designed to operate quietly and efficiently, producing minimal noise compared to other types of industrial fans.

Direct drive big ceiling fans have the motor mounted directly onto the hub, while belt drive big ceiling fans use a belt to transmit power from the motor to the hub. Belt drive fans are generally quieter and more efficient, while direct drive fans can be simpler to install and maintain.

Installing a big ceiling fan in a factory requires professional installation to ensure it is properly mounted and wired for safety and efficiency. The installation process typically involves hanging the fan from the ceiling using custom brackets and wiring it to a power source.

RTFANS offers a 3-year warranty on all big ceiling fans purchased through the website.

Yes, some big ceiling fans are designed for outdoor use and can be installed in covered areas protected from rain and moisture. These fans can help improve air circulation and provide cooling in patios, porches, and other outdoor areas.


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