How to judge the quality of industrial fan motor


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First of all, let's learn about the types of industrial large fan motors. At present, the high-quality industrial large fans adopt the latest third generation permanent magnet servo inner rotor industrial large fans. The third generation of industrial large fan permanent magnet servo synchronous motor strengthens the waterproof and dustproof of IP64, which can prevent water and dust from entering the motor. The overall performance of the motor is improved by more than 30%, so it not only has longer service life, but also can achieve lifelong maintenance free, which can save a lot of use cost.

The third generation permanent magnet servo industrial fan also has the advantages of large air volume, super quiet, large torque and so on. It not only saves energy and money, but also has high security, low failure rate and better use experience.

In fact, whether the motor of the industrial fan is good or not, we not only need to comprehensively evaluate the performance of the motor, but also the supplier of the industrial fan motor is very important. Now all large enterprises will investigate its supply chain when purchasing all kinds of equipment. In fact, the reason lies in this, because the manufacturer of the industrial fan is not a professional motor manufacturer, which is the important process of the motor for the fan In fact, the quality of motors depends entirely on the motor suppliers of large industrial fans.

Therefore, when purchasing industrial fans, we should not only know the motor type of our equipment, but also know the supplier of the motor and how their motor production and R & D capabilities are. Only in this way can we choose to be safe and easy to use Big industrial fan.