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RTFANS is the leading manufacturer of HVLS fans in China and offers a good range of industrial, PMSM and commercial ceiling fans that are cost effective, aesthetically pleasing and reliable.

Products Description

As the name suggests, these large industrial fans(HVLS Fans) move large amounts of air at low speeds, but air speed combined with the effectiveness of the fans means that there are no limits to their performance when it comes to cooling people and animals. You can buy the highest quality HVLS fans from the industrial area according to your wishes. Due to the high demand for high quality and cost effective HVLS fans in China, there is a nationwide market for maintaining this response.

The PMSM HVLS fan was designed by RTFANS. It is one of the best and most effective industrial ceiling fans available on the market. These large industrial ceiling fans combine the best features of a standard HVLS fan with the performance and cooling capabilities associated with industrial large-scale cooling systems used in production facilities. LLike the Mammoth fans are designed for Australian conditions and are adapted to the conditions of the world's largest airports, large industrial buildings and industrial facilities.

The air volume is influenced by the size of the fan blade, its diameter and the type of airflow in the room. Usually larger fan blades mean that the fan covers more surface area, so the closer you are to your fan, the cooler you feel. The largest PMSM ceiling fan we have that is the diameter of up to 24 feet.

The PMSM series bring style and efficiency to any application size. Industrial ceiling structures for the transport of large quantities of air at very low speeds. The large ceiling fan is durable, cost-effective and ensures massive air movements in industrial and commercial areas. It is best suited for commercial and industrial areas, whether it is commercial or industrial. If you are in the market for a high quality industrial fan for your office or business premises, you can easily choose the PMSM HVLS fan from us.

In 2013, some of these large industrial ceiling fans manufacturer started to use the permanent magnet - a PM motor that ranges from 20,000 to 35,000 RM for a large ceiling fan. And this technology of induction motor is getting mature in recent years.

Fan Dia.7.3m/24ft6.1m/20ft5.5m/18ft
Air Flow(m³/min)12,60011,2009,800
Application Area1,600m²1,200m²850m²

Product Advantages

18ft HVLS Big Industrial Ceiling Fans
  • German “Nord” Customizedcoaxialbevelreductiongears With Diameter Ofaxle 40mm 
  • German “Simrit”Double Oil Sealdesign,Durableandreliable  “Shell”
  • opclass “Omala” S4 Lubrication Oil, Zeromaintenancefor Over 20000 Hours 
  • IE3 High Efficiencymotor With Imported“SKF-VL”Bearing, Save Energyby 10-15% Than IE1motor. 
18ft HVLS Big Industrial Ceiling Fans
  • Innovativedouble Chassisdesign,Moredurableandsteady 

  • Importedaeronauticaluminumalloy (Aa7075) 

  • Forgedby 1000Tmachine With 570Mpaextension Strength 

  • T6 Heatprocessing

18ft HVLS Big Industrial Ceiling Fans
  • High Strength Aircraft Aluminum Alloy:AA6063T6511, PVFD Surface Coating. 

  • Patented Airfoil Design, And Special Reinforcing Rib Supporting System, Increase The Strength And Flexibility. 

  • Inner Equipped Steel Cable Design To Prevent Fan Blade Falling

18ft HVLS Big Industrial Ceiling Fans

Unique Cardan Joint Design, Working As A Human Beings’ Joint, This Allows The Fan To Find Its Own Vertical Position No Matter What The Slope Of The Building, And Helps To Decrease The Shocking Of Fan During Running. 

18ft HVLS Big Industrial Ceiling Fans
  •  Denmark “DANFOSS"VFD Inverter, With Stepless Speed Regulation.

  •  IP55motorprotectiongradeand NEMA1 Standardcontrolbox.

  •  "Schneider"Brandelectrical Sets, With Safetyprotection Module Inside. 

18ft HVLS Big Industrial Ceiling Fans

"Mortise And Tenon Joint Structure" Welded By Robot, Traditional Technique With Double Guarantee On Q345B High-Strength Structural Steel

18ft HVLS Big Industrial Ceiling Fans
  •  Anti-skip design, more safety and reliable. 

  • H beam, Rigid frame and Concrete installation structure are options, and customized for special building structure. 

18ft HVLS Big Industrial Ceiling Fans

6 Pcs Airfoils Are Connected Into A Whole With 6 Pcs Safety Retainer. 


  • large area coverage with minimal power use

  • In essence, Silent is more muffled than a human discussion.

  • tridimensional wind coming from every anglecompact a

  • nd stylish-looking

  • Comfortable, gentle breeze that is natural

  • No upkeep required, long lifespan


Installation Conditions



PMSM HVLS fan is a type of High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) fan which uses a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM) to drive the fan blades.

PMSM HVLS Fan has several advantages like high energy efficiency, low noise, long service life, low maintenance cost and large coverage area.

The PMSM HVLS Fan works by using a PMSM to drive the fan blades, which provides a powerful and efficient airflow that covers a large area.

The 24ft PMSM HVLS Fan has a diameter of 7.3 meters and a power of 2.2KW.

PMSM HVLS Fans are suitable for use in various applications including airports, factories, warehouses, shopping malls and livestock farms.

The installation process of a PMSM HVLS Fan involves fixing the motor, controller, and fan blades on the ceiling or structure using brackets and bolts.

Yes, PMSM HVLS Fans offer energy savings of up to 30% compared to traditional industrial fans.

Yes, the PMSM HVLS Fan is suitable for outdoor use as it is resistant to harsh weather conditions and offers efficient cooling and ventilation.


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