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Motor, fan blade, cooling pad and pump are main parts of an evaporative air cooler. As soon as there is enough water at the bottom tank of the evaporative cooler, the pump starts to draw water from the water distribution pipe. Water is located at the base of your cooler, which is taken up by a pump and passed through the cooling pads.

If you are looking for the best pump for your evaporative air cooler or water pump, RTFANS is the right choice for you. Just look at the below information and you will find good pump units. If you are still in the market for an air cooler pump or a similar product, can thinking about choosing it.

Evaporative water coolers with pump are excellent machines that can provide you with powerful cooling air and the necessary moisture if required. The right water filter keeps your pump clean, lasts longer and provides you with the cool air you need in the hot summer months. Evaporative water cooler with pumps is a fantastic machine that is very practical and useful in your home, office, workshop, factory, warehouse, resteraunt when you have your needs in mind.

If your pump is working correctly but the cooling pad does not hold up moisture enough, you may want to switch to a larger version that can move more water. And if there is a blockage in your water cooler pump or you have a problem that is difficult to solve, you can contact our customer service to learn everything you need to know about fixing this problem and ensure you can quickly resolve the problem.

Note that hard water can block your water pump quickly and maintenance products can help prevent and eliminate the build-up of mineral deposits. A water pump for an evaporative air cooler is like pumping water into a saturated cooling pad. The operation of the pump not only allows the production of cool air, but also prevents water from stagnating in the water tank.

Products Description

  • Long service life. Traditional paper curtain: 2 years; plastic curtain: 8 years.
  • When there is dust on the surface, it can be cleaned at any time, and the effect of vacuuming and cooling will not decrease year by year.
  • The air humidity is about 15% lower than that of traditional paper wet curtains.
  • Without any odor, it fundamentally eliminates the taste of traditional wet curtains and is harmless to the human body.
  • Uniform color, no size error, smooth appearance.
  • Water-proof, splash-proof, bird-pecking-proof, rat-biting-proof, acid-proof, alkali-proof and corrosion-resistant, and temperature resistant to 100°C.
  • It will not shrink and deform, and fundamentally eliminate the problem of different degrees of narrowing and light transmission of ordinary wet curtains after the water is stopped in autumn.


WhAT IS Evaporative PAD?



An air cooler pump is a component of an air cooler system that circulates water from the water tank to the cooling pads, where it is evaporated to cool the air.

To choose the right air cooler pump, you need to consider the size of your air cooler, the water flow rate required, and the head pressure needed to pump water to the top of the cooling pads. You can consult with a professional or refer to the manufacturer's specifications to ensure you choose the right pump.

Yes, some manufacturers offer customizable air cooler pumps to meet specific requirements. You can contact the manufacturer or supplier to discuss your needs and request a customized pump.

Installation and maintenance instructions may vary depending on the specific pump and air cooler system you have. Generally, you should follow the manufacturer's instructions for installation and maintenance, which may include cleaning the pump regularly, checking for leaks, and replacing worn or damaged parts as needed. It is recommended to have a professional install and maintain your air cooler pump to ensure proper operation and safety.


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