What is the role of industrial fans in the prevention of epidemic situation

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1. Large industrial large fans have small power, high density, small volume, light weight, large air volume and wide coverage area.

2. in such an open place as the shelter, the covering radius of ceiling fan can reach more than 20 meters.

3. when the air flow rises and pushes to the roof after meeting the wall and equipment, the air circulation will be formed. If the negative pressure fan is used in combination, the air exchange will be promoted more effectively and the virus concentration will be diluted.

4. large industrial fans are widely used in many places, which can help to improve the urban environment and promote the rapid development of urban economy.

5. according to the requirements of epidemic prevention, return to work position to a large extent, and arrange production plan and production scheduling of production base in time.

6. study with experts from all parties as soon as possible to determine the scientific use plan of large industrial fans in the fangcabin hospital and other environments.

7. ensure that the products required in the epidemic area are prioritized.

For these large manufacturing enterprises, they will face too many employees and dense personnel in the workshop, which leads to the increase of the probability of virus infection. Therefore, in addition to some conventional measures such as wearing masks and the distance between people, what effective preventive measures can help manufacturing industry to do the work of epidemic prevention after work resumption? The better prevention measures are----- --Jiaxing Road and large fan indoor ventilation!

Large fan used in industry is a very suitable equipment for ventilation in workshop. For manufacturing industry, workshop workshop is not only large, but also densely operated by personnel. It is also because these workshop buildings are often faced with poor ventilation due to excessive size.

Therefore, when large fans in permanent magnet industry are running, they will produce 1-3-level vertical natural wind, which will constantly stir the room The air inside, in the indoor formation of an air circulation effect, and let the indoor air and outdoor air exchange, to achieve indoor air flow, let the indoor air keep fresh!