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Precautions For Using Large Industrial Fan In Workshop

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Common problems in the use of industrial fans

1. The fan will make a lot of noise

Cause analysis:

① fan blade deformation or motor failure;

② turntable motor failure or debris on raceway;

③ poor fixation of transformer / magnetron;

④ unqualified transformer / magnetron.

Solution: check the possible causes.

2. The fan will not be powered on

Cause analysis: ① power failure; ② fuse burning; ③ temperature control switch broken; ④ transformer / high voltage diode / time power distributor / magnetron wiring loose or damaged; ⑤ voltage below 187 V, unable to start.

Solution: check the power supply, fuse and main circuit components and wiring.

3. Low power

Cause analysis: ① low voltage; ② unqualified magnetron; ③ poor time power distributor.

4. Periodic shutdown

Cause analysis: ① motor failure or speed below 800L / min; ② thermostat failure.

Solution: replace the thermostat or fan motor.

5. No microwave power output after power on

(1) bad contact (2) time of the interlock switch.

Solution: check or replace the components.

Precautions when using large industrial fan in workshop

Industrial fan

In order to avoid these failures, we should pay attention to these points in the process of daily use of industrial fans

1. As it is a high-speed running part, the lubricating oil level must be checked before starting the machine, and the oil level should be on the red line.

2. The starting mode is the key to ensure the operation safety. Special attention: start and stop should be in the condition of no-load, start should be in accordance with the following requirements:

① The hand disk negative pressure fan has no sticking phenomenon;

② open the vent valve. When starting, the valve of aeration pipe should also be opened;

③ special designed starting box (auto coupling or soft start) should be used to start large industrial energy-saving fan;

④ the vent valve should be closed slowly after reaching the rated speed, and the aeration regulating valve should be adjusted to the required position according to the requirements of aeration rate until all vent valves are closed.

⑤ After normal operation, the temperature of the bearing should exceed the specification, generally ≤ 50 ~ 60 ℃. If it is not started in the above way, the negative pressure fan may overload and burn out. The negative pressure fan should be shut down according to the reverse procedure, that is, first slowly open the vent valve, and then shut down the negative pressure fan. If the machine is not shut down as required, the pool water may be poured back into the negative pressure fan and the negative pressure fan may be damaged.

3. If the industrial fan is used, the silencing duct and muffler shall be installed at the air inlet; if the industrial fan is water, the cooling water shall be turned on in advance, and the cooling water shall be turned off after shutdown, so as to maintain the operation under good cooling regulation.

This is the common problems and precautions of using industrial fans as ventilation and cooling equipment in workshops. Relevant workshops should also formulate emergency treatment measures in case of accidents. Workshop ventilation and cooling manufacturers also remind that if loose and leakage occurs, the fan should be turned off immediately and reported to the relevant authorities for repair. If someone is found to have an electric shock, the power must be turned off immediately, and then measures should be taken to rescue and protect the scene of the accident.