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LET-a CeMAT ASIA Event Ended Successfully

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As a leading enterprise in the low-carbon ventilation and cooling industry, RTFANS's market users mainly include manufacturing, warehousing and logistics, public space, commercial space, animal husbandry, and physical education. Among them, warehousing and logistics are RTFANS with the longest service time, One of the two sectors with the deepest roots in the industry.

RTFANS has maintained long-term close cooperation with the organizer of the China (Guangzhou) Logistics Exhibition. It has participated in the exhibition for many years and has continuously witnessed the rapid development of the industry. This year, RTFANS focused on warehousing, logistics, e-commerce, and other sub-sectors, bringing new products to the show, bringing the world's leading overall solution for fan&cooler combo ventilation and cooling.

1. Large industrial HVLS fans

Combined with modern aviation wing technology, the slow rotation of the giant fan blades drives the flow of air in all directions, generating continuous three-dimensional circulating wind. RTFANS's large energy-saving fans are widely used in warehousing, logistics, and e-commerce. While bringing the human body comfort, it can maintain a dry environment in a high setting, and the air is unobstructed to avoid mold and rust. It can also play a role in Dust removal, deodorization, and other effects. In addition, the installation height of the large-scale energy-saving fans is high, and the single operating area is large, making the human body feel the somatosensory cooling effect of 5~8℃.

2. Evaporative air cooler

According to the principle of water evaporation and heat absorption, through the high-efficiency evaporative wet curtain, the cold and fresh air is continuously delivered, to achieve the effects of cooling, ventilation, and dust removal. The air volume is large, the air supply is far, only 1 kWh of electricity per hour, the humidity can be adjusted, the evaporation efficiency is over 80%, the power is 1.1~1.5Kw, the air volume is 20000~25to and the temperature is quickly reduced by 4~15°C. An Evaporative air cooler has an apparent cooling effect, adjustable temperature, and wind speed. In tall spaces, the advantage of open space is more obvious. It is suitable for both environmental cooling and personnel cooling. It is energy-saving and environmentally friendly and has low power consumption. It is the first choice for the warehousing and logistics industry. . In addition, the mobile air coolers launched by Ruitefeng are flexible and convenient, plug-in, and can be used indoors and outdoors. They are especially suitable for loading and unloading platforms, sorting, labeling, packaging, testing, and other crowded occasions.