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Chairman Zheng Caizhu Was Awarded The Outstanding Entrepreneur Of The Year By The 2021 Guangqi Association

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  • Chairman Zheng Caizhu Was Awarded The Outstanding Entrepreneur Of The Year By The 2021 Guangqi Association


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In early May, the annual selection list of the 2021 Everbright Enterprises Association jointly organized by China Everbright Industry Group and Southern Metropolis Daily was officially released. More than 300 companies and outstanding individuals signed up for the selection, and a professional evaluation team was formed by industry associations, authoritative experts and scholars, senior industry media reporters, industrial mentors in the park, etc. The evaluation lasted 5 months strictly, and finally, 28 outstanding companies and Enterprises (entrepreneurs) were on the list.

The annual selection of the Light Enterprises Association started in 2018 and has been held four times so far. In addition to outstanding entrepreneurs, awards have also been established for outstanding young entrepreneurs, digital benchmarking enterprises, characteristic technology innovation enterprises, green wisdom, and advanced manufacturing enterprises. The theme of this year's selection is "Link · Ecology".

Mr. Zheng Caizhu, chairman and founder of RTFANS, started his business in Dongguan in 2003. Over the past 20 years, the company has been focusing on the research and development and manufacturing of high-quality evaporative air coolers and HVLS (High volume low speed) fans, providing users with low-carbon Environmentally ventilation and cooling products and overall solutions. At the beginning of 2019, RTFANS headquarters officially settled in the Guangda We Gu Industrial Park in the core area of Songshan Lake CBD and became one of the members of the Guangda Enterprise Association. Focusing on the three keywords of operation, management, and circle level, the Guangqi Association will create a corporate link resource platform for entrepreneur members, empower enterprises to grow together, and demonstrate the spiritual connotation of "cohesion of corporate wisdom, cooperation, and mutual development".

Chairman Zheng's election as an outstanding entrepreneur is full recognition of RTFANS: on the one hand, based on the affirmation of the company's 20-year commitment to environmental science and technology - adhering to the concept of low-carbon environmental protection, achieving zero emissions, saving energy, improving the Work environment for employees, save a lot of electricity expenses, continuously reduce energy consumption per unit of output value, enhance comprehensive competitiveness, and create greater value for users; strength. On the other hand, under the background of "carbon peaking and carbon neutrality" in my country, the company has ushered in more room for growth. In recent years, its performance has maintained rapid and stable growth, and its management system and operation level have also been further improved.

Thanks to the We Gu of Everbright University, and to all the outstanding members of the Guangda Enterprise Association for the high-quality platform and various support provided to the enterprise, Ruitaifeng will be unswervingly committed to the field of environmental science and technology, to build a world-class brand, to promote the comprehensive development of the enterprise, and to provide users, Partners and society create unique value.