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What conditions allow the usage of HVLS fans?


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What conditions allow the usage of HVLS fans?

The more HVLS fans are utilized in a workshop with plenty of heating devices and single-layer iron tiles, the hotter it gets.

The following is how industrial fans should be used properly:

1. HVLS fans and air conditioners can work together to save energy use and increase cooling effectiveness.

2. Before using HVLS fans, high heat source and single-layer iron tile workshops should be vented and insulated.

3. If the circumstances allow, the HVLS fan's distance from the roof can be lowered to 1.5 to 2 meters.

4. HVLS fans cannot be utilized on their own in high-temperature conditions. They can be used in conjunction with cooling pads, exhaust fans, and evaporative air coolers.

If the aforementioned requirements can be satisfied, you should focus more on the stability and safety of the fans.