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RTFANS Hubei Company relocated to a new office


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After eight years of market expansion and arduous effort, RTFANS Hubei Office expands from a team of two people to a fully operational business with 30 employees and departments for HR, Finance, Sales, Engineering, and Customer Service. This October, it relocated to a bigger office with a processing workshop. The new office has a basic "fan and cooler combo" setup with HVLS fans and evaporative air coolers in the workshop and reception areas. In addition to providing cool, fresh air, this also serves as a showcase for our innovative design and a test room to demonstrate to customers how well this combo system performs.

In March 2014, the RTFANS Hubei Office opened its doors in the Canadian District of Wuhan City, Hubei Province. It was constructed to help sub-distributors in the Central China region and provide for clients. It concentrated on two product categories: huge industrial ceiling HVLS fans and evaporative air coolers, also known as swap coolers and desert coolers. The two major items are widely utilized in a variety of commercial and industrial settings, including canteens, dorms, retail centers, cafes, schools, gymnasiums, auto repair and maintenance facilities, bus terminals, warehouses, and logistics centers.

Customers can receive one-stop assured services from design through installation and after-sales from the RTFANS Hubei office. GAC Toyota, BYD car, Dongfang Power, Zhejiang Red Dragonfly, Semir Clothing, Galanz Electric, Sophia Wardrobe, Hot Girl Food, Wuhan Fanggu Group, Huangshi Northeast Group, Dongfeng Motor, and other companies have all received its services in turn.Improving the production and living conditions of employees, lowering energy costs, increasing corporate profits, and attracting and keeping talent are no longer just one economic problem; rather, they may become a significant barrier to the continued success of many businesses in light of global warming, deteriorating production and living conditions, rising production and operation costs, labor shortages, and difficulty in recruiting and retaining young laborers. RTFANS will continue to innovate and continually seek to better provide professional and high-quality services in the ventilation and cooling industry with the goal of giving its customers a better working environment.