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RTFANS “Fan and cooler combo” system


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The saying "first-class corporations offer solutions, second-rate organizations sell items" is used frequently. It's astonishing that RTFANS can make high-quality HVLS fans and air coolers in addition to offering efficient ventilation and cooling options for vast spaces all around the world.

Early in 2003, RTFANS launched its evaporative cooler company. After seven years of research and development, the management team discovered that the high cost of ductwork and the high humidity problem make evaporative coolers unable to consistently satisfy customers.

The "Fan and cooler combo" concept was developed by the RTFANS management team in 2010. They invested several years making this idea a reality, and after extensive testing, RTFANS discovered that an HVLS fan is the perfect match because it considerably lowers ducting costs while still delivering adequate airflow and assisting in the reduction of humidity.

The RTFANS team has installed thousands of HVLS fans and evaporative coolers in China and other countries over the past ten years, and this system has been found to be extremely effective and economical. It is currently the best and ONLY energy-saving option for all big and medium-sized space ventilation and cooling, including factories, warehouses, distribution centers, schools, stadiums, sports facilities, airports, bus stations, terminals, restaurants, and even churches, parochial, and religious buildings.

The following are the primary benefits of the RTFANS "Fan and cooler combo" system:

* A gentle wind blows in all directions as fresh, cooled air is distributed into every nook and cranny of the structure.
* Better surroundings; loud music; less noise.
*The absence of ducting makes the structure more space-efficient, tidy, and simple to organize.
* The system can be employed jointly or separately. The fan and cooler combination system perform best in the hot season; in the less hot seasons, an HVLS fan can be utilized just for ventilation.

The fan and cooler combination system have currently experienced significant global expansion. We think that effective solutions are always worth sharing. We also think trustworthy businesses are deserving of our trust.