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Let's take a look at the advantages and selection methods of industrial fans in workshops

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  • Let's take a look at the advantages and selection methods of industrial fans in workshops


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Advantages of industrial fans in workshop

1. Easy to control and speed

Some industrial fans can maintain magnetic field without external energy. The magnetic field and output parameters of the motor will be more stable than other fans. Therefore, industrial fans are more convenient to control and use in the process of use.

2. Long service life

Generally speaking, industrial fan motor will not be demagnetized due to high or low temperature, so in the case of quality of all parts up to standard, industrial fans can be used all the time and the service life will be longer. The corresponding reduction of industrial fan replacement and maintenance, so that the cost of fans reduced.

3. Low cost

(1) Low maintenance costs. The cost of industrial fan motor is relatively low, and its structure is very simple. The material of fan blade is titanium magnesium aluminum alloy, compact, light and good quality. Therefore, the cost of the whole machine is relatively low compared with other exhaust ventilation equipment. It is more important that the maintenance of industrial fan in the later stage is relatively simple, and it does not need to spend too much financial resources.

(2) Energy saving and consumption reduction. Industrial fans can push a large amount of air to the ground and achieve full coverage of the ground, thus forming horizontal motion of air flow layer on the ground and promoting the overall air circulation. The combination of air conditioning can greatly reduce the energy consumption of air conditioning units, and show its great performance advantages in energy saving.

4. Create natural ventilation environment

Industrial fans can effectively promote the air mixing of the whole space and disperse the dust, moisture and other poor quality air inside the space. Therefore, under the action of industrial fans, the quality of indoor air is improved and can give people a natural ventilation, health and safety working environment.

5. Dehumidification and moisture removal

Industrial fans adopt frequency conversion and non-polar speed control system, which can obviously strengthen air flow and effectively control the condensation of air on the ground or metal surface. And through preventing air condensation, the effect of reducing bacteria breeding and mildew can be avoided, so that the working environment of employees in enterprises is cleaner and comfortable.

Industrial fan

The selection method of industrial fan in workshop

1. See safety performance

See if the industrial fan front and rear network is designed with dense network and whether the overall structure of the product is reasonable (the safety performance of industrial fans designed by dense network is higher in the process of use); ask whether this industrial fan is equipped with overheat protector. Will the industrial fan be powered off when the motor of industrial fan is accidentally stuck?

2. Look at the motor

(1) Look at the motor structure. Industrial fan motor structure has two kinds of closed type and open type. The industrial electric fan adopts the fully sealed motor structure, which can avoid dust and other sundries entering the motor to attach to the bearing, rotor and other parts. The motor operates smoothly and has a longer service life, but the open motor structure is not able to. Therefore, the industrial fan of fully enclosed motor is especially suitable for use in cotton textile factory workshop or in places with more dust and other sundries.

(2) Look at the motor material. Industrial fan motor materials are copper wire, aluminum wire, copper aluminum clad three kinds. The heat dissipation performance of the motor with aluminum wire or copper clad aluminum is poor. It is easy to burn down when the motor temperature rises too high when the industrial fan is running at high speed. The industrial fan is definitely made of 100% normal copper wire silicon steel sheet. Its heat dissipation performance is better, the temperature rise of industrial fan motor is low and the service life is long.

Look at the blades

Industrial fan blade materials are common plastic leaf, aluminum leaf, iron leaf, ABS plastic leaf. The four kinds of fan materials have their own advantages and disadvantages. The good industrial fans blow out the wind very cool, natural and fresh, which makes people feel very comfortable. We can choose according to the situation.

See the parameters

See the parameters of industrial fan speed, power, air volume, noise and other parameters (theoretically, the speed, power, air volume and noise of industrial fans are proportional, that is, the higher the speed of industrial fans, the greater the power, the greater the air volume is, the greater the noise will be, and the better the cooling effect of local ventilation and cooling is also good. However, different brands of industrial fans manufacturers have the advantages of speed, power and air volume There is a big gap in the measurement of noise and other parameters, so we need to pay attention to it.