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How to cool and ventilate industrial buildings? You have to know these methods

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Often meet such a customer, he saw the same size as his workshop, so the customer in their own workshop to imitate other people's ventilation and cooling system scheme, this approach is wrong. Similar size of the workshop, do the same product workshop, do the same factory cooling ventilation does not necessarily have the role of cooling ventilation.

Now, many of the ventilation problems in the delivery room are caused by the dust and exhaust gas produced by the production equipment during operation. Even if the same products are produced, their power is different, and the branches and turbid exhaust gas are also different. In this case, the use of cooling ventilation equipment program is not the same.

Assuming that the disposal of low-power cooling ventilation equipment to deal with high-power production equipment, will only constitute more and more dust workshop, air more and more turbid, not timely disposal will affect the efficiency of workers. When the processes, products and personnel of the two workshops are the same, the same cooling and ventilation scheme can not be used.

Because the scheme characteristics and ventilation faces of the two workshops can not be exactly the same, some workshops have large ventilation area, while others have small ventilation area; When a small area ventilation cooling scheme is used to deal with a large area ventilation cooling, even the basic ventilation function of the workshop can not be achieved.

Therefore, the cooling and ventilation scheme of the workshop needs on-the-spot investigation, and then the scheme; imitating other people's ventilation and cooling scheme will bring a lot of questions to the company's workshop.

How to cool and ventilate industrial plants? In order to solve the problem of how to cool and ventilate ordinary industrial plants, most enterprises now choose to use environmental air conditioning to solve this problem. On the one hand, because the environmental protection air conditioning is very energy-saving, it only needs one degree of electricity in an hour, but its cooling area can reach 100 m2. It can quickly reduce 4-10 degrees. On the other hand, because of the environmental protection air conditioning, it can not only cool the whole plant, but also cool part of the plant area.

If it is a large industrial plant, how to cool and ventilate? This requires the use of another large plant cooling equipment, that is, large industrial ceiling fan. Large industrial ceiling fan is specially used to solve the problem of cooling in large space. Its coverage area can reach 1000 square meters, but its power consumption is only 1.3 kwh per hour. It can produce 1-3-level three-dimensional natural breeze and blow air It makes people feel very comfortable on the human body. Many industrial plants will also be equipped with a certain number of environmental protection air conditioners to make the cooling effect better.