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How often is it better to clean the industrial fan


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1、 Cleaning frequency of industrial fan

There is no fixed time for the cleaning frequency of industrial fans. You can decide the cleaning frequency of your industrial fans according to the environment, time and amount of time you use. The following section summarizes several methods for judging whether industrial fans should be cleaned. Let's take a look at them

1. Look at the usage time

Looking at the use time is actually very simple. It's a process for everyone to estimate their own use time. Whether it's used in workshops, stations, supermarkets and other public places, when you find that the industrial fan has been used for a long time and has not been cleaned, you don't have to be hesitant. At this time, dust will accumulate on the surface or inside of the industrial fan. It's recommended to use it immediately To ensure the safety of industrial fans, clean them in a proper way.

2. It depends on the usage

Looking at the use situation is actually direct observation. Observation is more intuitive, reflecting the external hygiene of the industrial fan. Especially in some places where there are many people and the environment is more complex, when there are dirty things on the outside of the industrial fan, it reminds us that it is time to clean the industrial fan. However, it does not mean that when we see that the external wall of the industrial fan is dirty, we only clean the external wall. This is self deception Deceptive performance, when cleaning the internal parts of the industrial fan, it is also recommended to clean again, so as to ensure the safety of use.

3. Look at the environment

The pollution degree of industrial fans used in public places such as stations and supermarkets is certainly different, and the corresponding cleaning frequency is also different. If the personnel are relatively simple and the environment is relatively quiet, it can be cleaned once a half year. However, if the environment is more complex and people use and accumulate more dust, it is recommended to clean it for three months or even less To ensure the safety of use.

2、 Cleaning method of industrial fan

1. Wipe with wet cloth

Wash the rag in clean water, wring out the water as much as possible, and clean the industrial fan. Generally, the inside of the industrial fan is cleaned first, because the pollution is relatively serious when the outside is exposed to the air. When cleaning, if you need to use cleaning agent, you can squeeze a small amount of cleaning agent on the wet rag and wipe it repeatedly to observe the effect.

2. Focus on cleaning

The places that need to be cleaned are the gaps, corners and stubborn stains of the industrial fan. For the cleaning of some corners and gaps, if the wet cloth is inconvenient, it is recommended that you use toothpick or remove some small things, but you must pay attention not to damage the industrial fan. If it is some stubborn stains, you can use the above method The wet cloth of the lotion is repeatedly wiped, and the wiping is fruitless. You can use something with a little edge to scratch, but you need to pay attention to the strength.

3. Wipe with dry cloth

After wiping with a wet cloth, the stains and dust on the industrial fan have been basically cleaned. The key point left is the treatment of water. No matter what the material of the industrial fan is, the water left on it will cause different degrees of damage to the industrial fan. This point must be paid attention to by the big housework. When necessary, you can take the tools at hand, such as the hair dryer The purpose of blow drying is to ensure the drying of the industrial fan after cleaning.