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Four common cooling schemes for factory buildings


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Negative pressure fans are installed on the walls and windows of the workshop to force a large amount of high-temperature and muggy air gathered in the workshop to be discharged outside the workshop, so as to form a negative pressure situation in the workshop, force the air outside the workshop to flow into the workshop for convection, reduce the content of high-temperature and muggy air in the workshop, and improve the air circulation speed in the workshop.

This method is suitable for the original poor air circulation and the whole workshop Workshop with high temperature and muggy condition to be solved.

The cooling water curtain system of cooling ventilation in the workshop can cool the air outside the workshop.

The cooling water curtain system is installed on the opposite side of the negative pressure fan or on the window of the side wall in the workshop. The supplementary air entering the workshop is cooled by the cooling water curtain for the second time, and the air with lower temperature is forced into the workshop by the negative pressure fan for cooling. This method works best with the negative pressure fan. It should be noted that the air volume and speed of the water curtain cooling system should be controlled It is enough to supplement the quantity and speed of high-temperature and muggy air in the workshop, and it is necessary to seal the workshop well to ensure that the air entering the workshop passes through the cooling water curtain system as far as possible.

The environmental protection air conditioner for cooling and ventilation in the workshop can cool the air outside the workshop and then send it to the workshop for cooling.

The environmental protection air conditioner is installed on the external wall of the workshop. It is used to supply air to the workshop through the fan. After the outdoor fresh air flows through the wet curtain soaked in water, the air fully contacts with the water, and at the same time absorbs the sensible heat in the air, so as to achieve the purpose of cooling, ventilation, dust removal and increasing the oxygen content of the air in the workshop. This scheme is especially suitable for high temperature and crowded places.

Ruitaifeng, a large industrial fan for cooling and ventilation in workshop, has the advantages of ventilation, cooling, drying and dehumidification, cool in spring and autumn, comfortable in summer and winter.

The air flow generated by the rotation of the large industrial fan forms a cone from top to bottom and pushes it to the ground. After reaching the ground, it flows along the horizontal direction. When encountering the side barrier or the horizontal air flow adjacent to the large fan, it pushes it upward to the roof, so as to strengthen the air circulation in an all-round and multi angle way;

The flowing air can be quickly exchanged with outdoor fresh air through doors and windows to reduce the retention of turbid gas in the workshop. The continuous gentle breeze can accelerate the evaporation speed of sweat on the human body surface, thus producing a cool cooling effect. To a large extent, it solves the conflict between air conditioning cooling and high energy consumption, and achieves the effect of small investment and large return without the installation of air conditioning system.

These are the four cooling schemes introduced by Jiaxing Road and cooling equipment manufacturers. How do we maintain them? Let's take a look at this problem.