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Briefly introduce the industrial fan


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The wind speed produced by the "industrial fan" is about 2-3 M / s, which is completely calculated according to the air flow that sweeps over the human skin and produces a cool feeling. Too strong air flow will make people feel hot and dry, with a feeling of being directly blown by the wind. Too high wind speed will also make people dizzy. Only through the organic combination of volatilization on the body surface and breeze speed, can the cool feeling of the human body be beautified.

Industrial fan is a kind of common industrial machine widely used in industrial plants, logistics storage, waiting rooms, exhibition halls, gymnasiums, supermarkets and other large spaces, as space ventilation and personnel cooling. The industrial fan can push a large amount of air to the ground, forming a certain height of horizontal movement of air flow layer on the ground, thus contributing to the overall air circulation. The advantage lies in the ground coverage and the three-dimensional circulation of air.

The maximum diameter of large industrial fan can reach 7.3 meters! The streamlined fan blade made by aerodynamics principle and advanced technology can drive a large amount of air with only 1.5KW, which can produce a large area of natural breeze system, playing the dual functions of ventilation and cooling. Compared with traditional HVAC and small high-speed fan, it has incomparable application advantages, which can be called the solution of ventilation and cooling in large space.