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Ventilation and Cooling System for Large Spaces


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The "Ventilation and Cooling System" by RTFANS is a pioneering solution tailored to enhance energy efficiency, provide exact temperature control, and improve air quality within large spaces. This system boasts high-performance HVLS fans that effectively circulate air, mitigating the need for air conditioning and hence delivering substantial energy savings.

Furthermore, the "Ventilation and Cooling System for Large Spaces" by RTFANS is equipped with advanced sensors and controls, allowing for accurate regulation of temperature and humidity, ensuring an optimal level of comfort for occupants. Additionally, the system proficiently eliminates pollutants and odors, creating a healthier and more pleasing environment for employees and customers.

When it comes to selecting a reliable brand for your ventilation and cooling requirements, RTFANS is the clear choice. With years of experience and an unwavering commitment to quality, RTFANS has firmly established itself as a trusted leader in the industry. Selecting RTFANS guarantees a high-quality product that matches your needs and exceeds your expectations.

In summary, the "Ventilation and Cooling System for Large Spaces" by RTFANS is a revolutionary and game-changing solution in the industry that offers unmatched energy efficiency, precision temperature control, and improved air quality. Opting for RTFANS is a wise investment in the comfort and well-being of both employees and customers.

Products Description


Fan & cooler combination ways

RTFANS HVLS fan + evaporative air cooler

RTFANS HVLS fan + exhaust fan

RTFANS HVLS fan + evaporative air cooler + exhaust fan

RTFANS HVLS fan + air conditioner



An HVLS fan air cooler combo is a ventilation and cooling system designed for large spaces. It combines the benefits of an HVLS fan, which can circulate large volumes of air at low speeds, with an air cooler, which can provide cool air to reduce temperatures and improve comfort.

Using an HVLS fan air cooler combo can help to improve indoor air quality, reduce temperatures, and improve overall comfort in large spaces. The HVLS fan can help to circulate fresh air and reduce stagnant air pockets, while the air cooler can provide cool air to reduce temperatures and improve comfort.

Yes, RTFANS offers a range of customization options for HVLS fan air cooler combos, including different sizes, colors, and control options. This allows you to tailor the system to your specific needs and requirements.

Installing an HVLS fan air cooler combo is typically a complex process that requires professional installation. RTFANS offers installation and support services to help you get started. During the installation process, the system will be mounted to the ceiling and connected to the building's electrical and ventilation systems. Once installed, the system can be controlled using a variety of control options, including remote control, wall-mounted control panel, or smartphone app.


If you have any enquiry about quotation or cooperation, please feel free to email us at info@rtfansgroup.com or use the following enquiry form. Our sales representative will contact you within 24 hours. Thank you for your interest in our products.

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