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Evaporative Cooling Pad 5090


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The "Evaporative Cooling Pad 5090" is crafted from premium-grade cellulose paper and boasts a unique cross-corrugated structure, which guarantees optimal cooling performance. Being obtainable in multiple sizes and thicknesses, it is tailor-made to cater to the specific prerequisites of our clients.

In particular, it is an eminent alternative for purveyors seeking to minimize their carbon footprint as this product is adeptly engineered to be energy-efficient. Its environmentally friendly design enables it to utilize substantially less power than established cooling systems, hence it constitutes an economical and eco-conscious option. Its suitability for large spaces is also an advantage.

To sum up, the "Evaporative Cooling Pad 5090" is a top-tier product providing matchless cooling effectiveness, energy efficiency, and customization options. It is a perfect choice for businesses seeking to generate a cozy and robust milieu while enhancing their sustainability credentials. Select RTFANS as your cooling solution provider now and witness the difference.

Products Description

MPNCooling Pad 7090
Colorblack, green, primary
CertificationISO9001, ISO94001, RoHS, Klemm Method
Water absorption55mm/10Min or 200mm/1.5h
Wind speed over curtain≤2.5m/s
Evaporation conversion efficiency≥95%


WhAT IS Evaporative PAD?



An evaporative cooling pad is a type of cooling system that uses water evaporation to cool the air. It is commonly used in industrial and commercial settings to provide a cost-effective and energy-efficient cooling solution.

The advantages of using an evaporative cooling pad include lower energy consumption, lower operating costs, and improved air quality. It is also an environmentally friendly option as it does not use harmful refrigerants.

To choose the right size evaporative cooling pad, you need to consider the size of the space you want to cool, the humidity level, and the airflow rate. RTFANS provides a sizing calculator on their website to help you determine the appropriate size for your needs.

Yes, RTFANS offers customizable options for their evaporative cooling pads. You can choose the size, thickness, and material of the pad to meet your specific requirements.

RTFANS provides installation instructions and support for their evaporative cooling pads. The pads are typically installed in a frame or housing and connected to a water supply. It is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions for proper installation.

Regular maintenance is important to ensure the longevity and efficiency of your evaporative cooling pad. This includes cleaning the pad regularly, checking the water supply, and replacing the pad when necessary.

RTFANS offers high-quality, customizable evaporative cooling pads that are designed for energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness. They also provide installation, maintenance, and support services to ensure that your cooling system operates at peak performance.

RTFANS offers a one-year warranty for their evaporative cooling pads. This covers any defects in materials or workmanship and provides peace of mind for customers.


If you have any enquiry about quotation or cooperation, please feel free to email us at info@rtfansgroup.com or use the following enquiry form. Our sales representative will contact you within 24 hours. Thank you for your interest in our products.

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