What Is The Difference Between Industrial Exhaust Fan And Industrial Exhaust Fan


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1、 The appearance of industrial exhaust fan is generally made of iron. The appearance of industrial exhaust fan is different from that of industrial exhaust fan, which is mainly made of plastic. Although the material is divided into iron and plastic, many people may think that iron is more expensive.

2、 The level of value is not determined by materials. Industrial exhaust fans are definitely not suitable for household use, and the price is generally high. And some relatively small exhaust fans are very suitable for home use, which can discharge the dirty gas from the kitchen, and the price is not expensive, just 40 or 50 yuan.

3、 Large factory exhaust fan is mainly wall type, directly installed on the wall. But the household is generally either installed in the window, or the ceiling type installed in the top of the wall.

Today's industrial exhaust fan, industrial exhaust fan has been very good, some of the larger power type can choose the direction of the fan blade, to a certain extent, it completely plays the role of the ventilator, according to the different direction to play the role of exhaust and suction.


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